Website Hosting and Support

Website Hosting in Hampshire

It’s one thing to have a web developer build you a brand new website for your business, but it’s largely worthless if no one is able to visit it. I recognise that every second that your website is offline is potentially costing you business, which is why I ensure that my hosting services are fast, reliable and affordable. I can tailor my hosting services to your specific needs based on the size of your website and the traffic it receives; so you don’t pay more than you have to.

I have been providing web and email hosting for a number of years with no unscheduled downtime. My servers are secure and monitored 24/7 to ensure smooth and reliable hosting. If I develop a website for a client they normally want me to manage their website and email hosting for them, this is because:

  • If you have a query or problem, you don’t need to worry about whether it is the responsibility of the web developer or the hosting provider – you have one person to contact for all your website requirements.
  • I ensure the web hosting infrastructure meets the needs of your website including the installation of any server components.
  • My web hosting is secure, reliable and fast. I have 24/7 monitoring with automated email alerts to ensure any problems are fixed quickly.

Wanting to move your existing website to my hosting service?

If you have an existing website that would like me to manage and host please get in touch and we can go over the details. If you are looking for your own dedicated server, then I will be happy to setup and manage this for you.

Reliable Web Hosting

My business hosting is setup in a UK data center, which has provisions for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and diesel backup generators ensure a level of reliability that you cannot replicate at a local level.

All my servers undergo weekly performance tests and are monitored for high load on a daily basis to ensure you get high quality of service.

Fast Web Hosting and Free upgrades

You web pages need to load quickly. Research shows that customers make an initial decision in the first three seconds and if your web page is slow to load, you will likely lose their interest. For websites I develop I take additional steps to ensure the underlying code is streamlined to get the best possible performance. The speed of your website is becoming more critical to the search engines and your search engine position will benefit from fast loading pages.

Secure Web Hosting

There are many security threats that can affect the integrity of your website. The security of my hosting server is a very important factor in ensuring that your website does not come under malicious attack. My experience in this field ensures that best practices are followed both in terms of hardware (firewall), operating system and application security.